Nicki has always had a healthy obsession with color.

She lives and breathes it in every form, every day: the multiple tones in a flower petal, a semi-precious stone, the spice store on Lexington Avenue, colored pencils, a frosty English morning, a sandy beach or a piece of pottery. She loves the way different colors harmonize and create energy, ambiance and feelings.

Every type of art is intriguing to Nicki: she is fascinated with the self-expression of others through their art and the development of new ideas and concepts. The influence of different areas on one another is of particular interest to her: interior design, fine art, fashion, graphic design, architecture and nature. Every day is a chance for Nicki to explore what the world has to offer, and then create her own new ideas.

Nicki has an incredible love and eye for all things interior design. Paint and fabrics are her passion. Unusual textures and paint finishes, layering glazes and working with different pieces from different time periods all inspire her. A fresh coat of paint and new fabric can bring an old piece of furniture back to life. Nicki loves the concept of upcycled furniture and the one-off pieces she produces are infused with her creativity and the most up to date trends.

Nicki is constantly seeking out fresh, innovative design in all areas of life. For her it's all about simple and practical products that work well and look lovely. When people see a piece by Bespoke Painting, they fall in love with it. The design, colors. details and finish. Customers know they can rely on Nicki Piercy Coddington and Bespoke Painting for unique design, consistent high quality, and the absolute best in customer service.