About Bespoke




1. (of goods, esp. clothing) Made to order: "a bespoke suit"

2. (of a trader) Making such goods: "bespoke tailors"

Six years ago, Nicki Piercy Coddington was in a stylish department store in London. Wandering through the children's department, she noticed hand painted toy chests, children's furniture and room accessories...but something was missing. The products were bland, uninspired, and outrageously overpriced. At that moment she thought, "I can do this; i can do it better, and make it affordable". That's when the journey of Bespoke began.

Nicki decided that an online store could be the perfect platform for handmade, hand painted, and personal home decor and accessories. She wanted her creations to be available to the world! The initial idea was simple: lovely and practical things for children's rooms. But, as she started to work on her first batch of designs in her tiny New York City studio, it became clear her idea was not quite so simple to put into practice, and space was an issue.

As Nicki stood over mountains of paints, papers, product and artist supplies, she decided Bespoke Painting would be more about creating a lifestyle. She would make beautiful products that would help people live a less cluttered life. The first Bespoke Painting product was a desk organizer. The first design was "Trees", and it is still Nicki's favorite item and design.

Now she needed someone to help make this dream into a reality. She needed someone to make her products. Nicki knew she wanted it to be someone in the U.S.A, and someone with the same ideology of hand made craftsmanship. One winter afternoon, at a Broadway show, Nicki had a chance meeting with a lady from Pennsylvania. She asked the woman if she knew any Amish carpenters, and as luck would have it, she did! Without any delay, Nicki contacted the carpenter asked him if he was interested in collaborating and when he said yes, she immediately sent him the sketches for her desk organizer and toy chest. Nicki drove to Pennsylvania to collect her samples and knew right away this would be the beginning of a wonderful and unique business relationship! She was fascinated with the Amish way of life and the carpenter was eager to hear tales about the big city. Best of all, he had turned her sketches into beautifully made products.

Since then, the Bespoke Painting line has grown tremendously. With more than twenty items for all rooms of the home, there are new products and designs in development every day. Nicki is committed to launching a new product and at least one new design each season for children and adults.

The items are trues to Nicki's original concept. They look beautiful and are completely practical: perfect for giving your home that warm feel and getting you organized at the same time! Step stools, hanging hooks, serving trays, and mirrors are just a few of the products Nicki now offers. You can see the complete line here, in the shop. The designs are varied and unique. They make perfect gifts for a baby shower, a new home, Mother's Day, Christmas and birthdays...in fatc, anyone who appreciates beautiful and individual home decor.

Nicki Piercy Coddington konws what makes a beautiful home, She grew up in Northampton, England and discovered her love for painting at a young age. She attended art school in London and established a career in display design and fashion. Nicki moved to Long Island, N.Y. and continued with the dream of having her own business. She's painted designs on walls and rooms in homes and stores all over New York and New Jersey.

The journey continues with Bespoke Painting. Nicki now lives in New York City with her daughter, and her paintbrushes are always within reach.